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15 Ways to Manage Difficult People
Knowing how to get the best out of your people, even the most difficult will make all the difference
Of every challenge you’ll have to face when you run your own business, managing people will be one of the toughest.
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Take the weight off your mind and get your team and individuals working productively together in a caring environment.
Make life easier and stress less!
You're a Small Employer or Manager & you're struggling with time to sort out difficult team members?
You're worrying as the Owner or Manager about all the falling out that's happening between team members?
You don't like the behaviours your team members are showing?
It's all time out, you can't afford to resolve the issues, when there is plenty of priorities already.
It's giving you a big headache and you just want peace?
Understand how strengths create motivated employees
Benefit 3
Learn how to have that difficult conversation to get results
Benefit 2
Gain insights and different approaches to deal with your team member
Benefit 1
It's like anything, if you leave your problems they only grow bigger. 
When difficult employees behave in a way that causes conflict, or
other problems, it can damage workplace relationships, and it’s a
drain on time, energy, and productivity, so your business will
inevitably suffer. 
15 ways to manage difficult people 
Innovation Manager
Sue Phipps
I was impressed with Nicola's depth of knowledge and passion for her subject. You can tell she's truly motivated to fill the workplace with better managers
Regional Managing Director
Chris Huffen
Nicola sent useful, engaging and thought provoking content, she challenged and questioned my thought processes.
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